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Our Specialised Safety Services

PSA Africa offers a variety of safety services to its client base, including the maintenance and calibration of the instruments they’ve purchased, training in the use of those instruments and the interpretation of test results.  We also offer full warranties on our products, backed by our internationally respected instrument suppliers.

As with any precision instrument, periodic servicing is required to ensure its on-going accuracy. PSA’s Maintenance Division handles the repair and calibration of MSA gas detection instruments (portable or fixed) and Lifeloc Professional Breath Alcohol Testers. Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries.

PSA offers training on Lifeloc alcohol monitoring equipment, Noble drug detection systems and MSA gas detection instruments. The various levels of employee training can be provided either on or off-site, depending on customer requirements and the suitability of facilities. Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries.

As a Lifeloc Technologies authorised international distributor, PSA provides full warranties on all their instruments. All Lifeloc FC Series breath alcohol testers come with a full one year parts and labour warranty. Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries.