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Maintenance and Calibration Services

As with any precision instrument, periodic servicing is required to ensure its on-going accuracy. PSA’s Maintenance Division handles the repair and calibration of MSA gas detection instruments (portable or fixed) and Lifeloc Professional Breath Alcohol Testers.

Instrument repairs are done either in-house or on-site, depending on our clients’ requirements. We offer general calibration and repair services as well as call-outs and telephonic assistance. Weekend call-outs are catered for, subject to the confirmation of rates.

Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries

In-house Servicing

PSA provides countrywide back-up servicing on its products, performing the following services on our clients’ instruments:

A full instrument inspection including filters, batteries and software updates. Calibration, which adjusts the internal settings of the instrument to a predetermined and known standard.

Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries

Customer On-site Service Centres

These are service centres situated at our clients’ premises and are custom designed by PSA to suit each customer’s requirements. We have a proven track record in the petro-chemical environment and draft tailor-made servicing solutions including:

On-site instrument management, which encompasses database management, issuing and receiving of instruments.Scheduled monthly instrument repairs and calibrations. Emergency call-outs for unscheduled repairs, accidental instrument damage or instrument failure.

Disclaimer: Only applicable to certain countries


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