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Product News: Protect Your Team with the Safest Cap Lamp for Mining

It goes without saying, or rather should go without saying that in industries where your teams’ life is on the line (such as mining), sourcing the most innovative, top-of-the range safety equipment is of the highest priority. Quality versus subpar gear can spell the difference between the life and death of your company and team. And this could not ring truer in view of buying the right cap lamps for your mining team.

In light of this, the news of the recent release of the Lunar range, a range which includes high-quality mining safety gear was particularly exciting. It was not long until we put our focus towards bringing this impressive range to Africa and supplying intelligently designed mining products such as the Lunar Cap Lamp.

A Cap Lamp for Mining in South Africa

Given the serious safety hazards faced in the mining industry, such as limited lighting, working at great heights and spontaneous rockfall, we do our best to source only the hardiest and best quality safety products to ensure South African miners are equipped with the most productive gear.

However, having the best gear does not guarantee that local miners can make immediate use of it. However, the Lunar Cap Lamp has acquired local approval for its use in underground mining applications.

A Bright Future For Mining

In the mining industry, your sight is your safety and at 7000+ lux performance, the Lunar Cap Lamp ‘sees’ all, utilising its main and auxiliary LED lights to provide all round coverage and safeguard your peripheral vision. But this brilliantly bright light would mean nothing without a reliable battery to carry workers through long, intensive shifts in dark and dingy underground mines.

A Battery Built to Last

Featuring the best battery technology available, your team can be equipped with peace of mind in knowing that their lamps won’t wear out. The Lamp’s high-capacity battery allows operation for 18 hours, whilst working at 7000-12000 lux! Given the 10 hours of charging required, this is no small feat. It is also worth noting that this 18-hour run time is ahead of any other Cap Lamp available to South African miners. Furthermore, it is reassuring to know that this piece of safety equipment won’t be replaced in a hurry, since it offers 1000 cycles during its lifespan, which is estimated to be 3-4 years (as a bonus, we offer a maintenance warranty plan of up to 4 years to back this claim up.

No repair Bills

The Lunar Cap Lamp also features a 2-metre drop-proof housing and 50+ J impact resistance, meaning that this rough and rugged piece of equipment won’t add to your mounting repair bills, saving you in more ways than one!

For more information on this Cap Lamp for mining, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0860 543 356 or drop us an email at


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