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DuPont Tychem 4000S

The DuPont Tychem 4000 S is a hooded overall that is used for a range of applications where chemical protection is essential. It is applicable across various industries such as oil and gas, chemical engineering, and for hazardous material response teams and emergency services. The overall is crafted from a lightweight, flexible, and robust material which comprises a chemical barrier film fused with a heavy-duty Tyvek® base. These garments effectively block the permeation of a wide variety of inorganic and organic chemicals. The overall is Category III and it features seams stitched and over-taped with barrier tape for added protection and durability. Double cuffs to ensure compatibility with gloves, double zippers and double flaps for enhanced tightness, featuring an outer flap with adhesive tape and an integrated chin flap.



DuPont Tychem 4000S

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Product Information

  • DuPont Tychem 4000 S
  • Hooded coverall
  • Stitched and over-taped seams
  • Double cuffs
  • Thumb loops
  • Elasticated wrists, ankles, face and waist
  • Double zippers and double flaps with chin flap
  • White


  • Certified according to regulation (EU) 2016/425
  • Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B
  • EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents), EN1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination)
  • Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) – on inside
  • Stitched and over-taped seams with barrier tape for protection and strength
  • Double cuffs for good glove compatibility
  • Double zippers and double flaps for greater tightness, outer flap with adhesive tape and integrated chin flap