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Face shield

The PSA Face Shield is designed to provide workers with protection from the coronavirus which is easily spread through coughing, sneezing and conversation. A shield protects the entire face and reduces the need to continually touch the face to adjust for comfort – as is often the case with a face mask

Disclaimer: Not tested for chemicals, hazardous liquids or impact

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  • Full face protection
  • Maximum visibility
  • No need to adjust for comfort
  • Anti-fog
  • Use with glasses
  • Replaceableshield
  • Easy to sanitise and reuse


  • 2 positions
  • Brow guard has an adjustable head strap
  • Can be used in temperatures below zero

Material (Face shield)

  • Manufactured with A-PET
  • 3-layer film with recycled material in the middle layer
  • Certified for use in food environments
  • (EC) No 1935/2004 of October 27th 2004 (applies to face shield material only)
  • EU regulation No 10/2001 of January 14th 2011 (applies to face shield material only)


  • 22cm (length) x 39cm (width) x 1mm (thickness)


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The Hero Hard Hat is locally made by
PSA Africa from 100% Virgin Plastic
and is DRME Certified. 

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