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FC5 Hornet Breathalysers

Economical FC5 Hornet breathalyzers from Lifeloc Technologies is a new generation of alcohol breathalyzers for use in zero tolerance environments such as Oil & Gas Refineries, Construction, Maritime, Mining and General Industry. Testing for the presence of alcohol has never been easier. No mouthpieces or special attachments are required when using these breathalyzers and icons are used to eliminate misinterpretation due to language barriers, the FC5 Hornet passive breathalyzer is simple to learn, operate and read.

Breathalyzers that are easy to use
Designed to replace older technology alcohol tester wands, the FC5 Hornet breathalyzers are easy to use with new features never before available in passive only screening testers. The FC5 is alcohol specific and uses the same 1 inch diameter platinum fuel cell used in Lifeloc law enforcement breathalyzers. Because our fuel cell is 50% larger than those used in the traditional alcohol wands you benefit from larger breath sample size, rapid response and reset times, and long working life.

FC 5 Hornet breathalyzers are robust and discreet
Unlike the older alcohol wands, the FC5 Hornet comes standard with three operating test modes and an automatic day/night backlit display. For safety, the operator can see the test results without revealing the display to the subject. These breathalysers come with a protective safety-yellow silicone jacket to guard against bumps and falls plus a crushproof carry case.

FC5 Hornet Breathalysers


Approvals and standards

U.S DOT (NHTSA) Conforming Product


Health and Safety
Human Resources

Features and benefits

Full Sized Platinum Fuel Cell Alcohol specific provides exceptional life and accuracy to your unit

Double Pump Sampling System Unsurpassed passive testing. Perfect for open containers. Rapid multiple subject testing

Unique Sampling Port Design

Vastly reduces the “blowback” when testing. Reducing the transmission of airborne germs.

Rapid and Repeatable Test Taking

Immediate response on negative, Immediate recovery on negative.

User Selectable Test Modes

POS+/-NEG Mode for rapid high volume testing, Levels Mode for more precise sampling and Open Container Mode for drinks and spills

Icon Driver

Easy to interpret icons and battery indicator

Best in Class Operating Temperature
0 – 55°C

Breath Pressure Sensor

Test will automatically activate when the subject begins blowing. Additional security against an uncooperateive subject.

Large Backlit LCD Screen

Excellent for day or night visibility.

Long Battery Life

106 hours of “on time” or up to 6000 tests. Power Saving Auto Shut-off

Sturdy and Rugged Design

Full protective silicone grip that stands up to vibrations and drops. Grip leaves no exposed ports further protecting from dust, water and debris

Visual and Audible Cues

Displays alcohol curve while providing audible prompts to ensure proper test taking

International Electrotechnical Commission Standards

Meets Drop Test Standards IEC 68-2-31, Shock Test Standards IEC 68-2-27 and IEC 68-2-29 and Vibration Standards IEC 68-2-6


Drug Courts, Corrections, Parole, Probation, Military, Maritime, Schools, School Resource Officers, Halfway Houses, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities, General Industry, Construction, Oil & Gas Refineries, Agriculture, Transportation, Chemical and Mining


New DRME Certification

Made from 100% Virgin HDPE

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