PremAire Escape

The PremAire Escape is a positive pressure Short Duration Compressed Air Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EN 402) that provides respiratory protection while escaping from toxic atmospheres. It was designed with extensive input from Oil & Gas customers from all over the world who highlighted the need for a fast to don and easy to use respirator with components that withstand the highest levels of potential industrial gas leaks and the harsh chemical environment. The PremAire Escape enables the wearer to escape without difficulty from a potentially hazardous environment. It offers a duration of 10-15 minutes for safe escape. The standard PremAire Escape is equipped with a 3S full face mask. For potential high concentration industrial gas leaks, like deadly H₂S, the device is available with the PremAire Mask-Hood.


Features and benefits

One-Piece Cylinder Valve and First Stage Pressure Reducer

  • Reduces size and profile

Pressure Gauge recessed into Valve Housing

  • Protects gauge
  • Reduces size and profile

Easy Access Filling Port

  • Convenient and fast refilling of the compressed air cylinder
  • No restrictions in compressor filling pressure (200 or 300 bar)
  • Ease of attaching QuickFill adaptor

2.0 l and 3.0 l Composite or Steel Cylinder Options

  • Rated duration of 15 or 20 minutes

PremAire Mask-Hood

  • Two independent protecion barriers
  • High protection factors in sour oil & gas and chemical applications
  • Straightforward and easy donning
  • Simplistic training requirements
  • High visibility (orange hood)

Carrying Bag

  • Base support provides protection for comp ressed air cylinder
  • Ease of stacking in storage
  • Fullfills the antistatic requirements of EN 402

Option of Low Pressure Whistle

  • Increased safety
  • Meets special requests for a low pressure warning


Cleaning Guide

Service and Test Intervals