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Suspension Safety Step

The Suspension Trauma Safety Step helps prevent suspension trauma after a fall. The Safety Step suspension harness allows workers to relieve pressure by inserting a foot into one of the step loops and then standing up in the harness. The flexing of leg muscles and release of the harness leg strap pressure stimulates blood flow, helping to prevent the onset of suspension trauma.

Single or double harness suspension
Workers can use a single Safety Step or two Safety Steps (one for each leg) to provide additional support, balance and comfort to minimize suspension trauma and ensure safety.


Confined Space
Asbestos Abatement
Sanding & Grinding
Search & Rescue

Features and benefits

A 4:1 rescue pulley system with anti-reversing pulleys for rescue in confined space or from heights
Rated for a two-person load up to 600 lbs.
System pulleys equipped with built-in anti-reversing lock
10 lbs. of force required to hold 220 lbs. (90 kg) load
Suretyman ascender attached to both operating rope and user via a securing rope that will automatically stop descent if operating rope accidentally releases
Compact and lightweight with standard system weight of 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)
Has a standard rope length of 200′ (66 m) with maximum rope length of 600′ (200 m)


General industrial
Oil & gas
Water treatment


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