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Ultra Elite Positive Pressure Full-Face Mask

The Ultra Elite® Positive Pressure Full-Face Mask incorporates design features that put it at the top of the range in terms of comfort and protection. It has a distortion-free coated lens that provides a wide field of vision; non-misting airflow; a single-sealing rubber or silicone flange; and a speech diaphragm that facilitates communication. A five-point harness makes it easy to put on or remove. More than 40 different designs are available, making the UltraElite® suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ultra Elite Positive Pressure Full-Face Mask

Approvals and standards

EN 136 class 3


Civil Disturbances
Search & Rescue

Features and benefits

State-of-the-art mask provides excellent comfort and protection
Distortion-free lens allows wide field-of-view
5-point harness allows easy on/off
More than 40 different models include rubber and silicone versions
Unique airflow prevents lens misting


Fire Service
Oil & Gas
General Industrial


Cleaning Guide

Service and Test Intervals


New DRME Certification

Made from 100% Virgin HDPE

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