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MSA SCBA: The M1 is the SCBA platform for the future

MSA M1 SCBA – Designed and developed side-by-side with firefighters

As firefighting becomes more complex, the need for increased safety is more urgent than ever. The ability to monitor, account for, and communicate effectively between each team member is essential to improve safety and efficiency.

Easy, Comfortable & Lightweight

Enhanced Cleaning & Maintenance

Real-time, Lifesaving Monitoring

Modularity For
The Future

Connectivity &
Smarter Data


MSA - Leading experts in breathing protection

The MSA M1 SCBA was designed alongside the professionals who wear and monitor our systems in the field. We understand the challenges of firefighting and have created this; our most advanced and integrated system, as a direct response to those challenges.

More than just a breathing

The M1 platform incorporates all your equipment needs into one sophisticated ecosystem. From the telemetry-enabled SCBA with M1 Control Module to the smart monitoring software, the MSA HUB, and Cloud technology, it is the ultimate, integrated platform for fire safety.

Today’s complex missions require powerful and reliable solutions

The M1 system unlocks with powerful telemetry signal and reliable connectivity technology that keeps your team accounted for – every time.

Communication is at the heart of the M1 platform

Tried and tested over a thousand times in a variety of scenarios, the M1 system enables firefighters to communicate effectively and reliably. In order to achieve this, we have increased the signal power and streamlined the technology – ensuring a connection you can trust.


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How to get the MSA M1 SCBA

For more information about the MSA M1 SCBA contact, call 0860 543 356 or submit an enquiry below and and one of our friendly staff will be in touch shortly.


New DRME Certification

Made from 100% Virgin HDPE

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