Push-Key Suspensions

Push-Key suspensions can be ordered pre-fitted on any V-Gard safety helmet or ordered as spares (see matrix below). For simple hygiene or on user inspection, suspensions should be changed regularly. Two different sweatband options are available depending on application or preference: sewn in PVC perforated wipeable or sweat-wicking replaceable foam.

Features and benefits

  • Overhead straps made of woven polyester providing high comfort and long term, consistent shock absorption performance
  • Ensures consistent performance and comfort level even under the influence of moisture or low temperatures
  • Sophisticated 4 point attachment: good positioning, stability and better air circulation
  • Ideal positioning of the harness through height and length adjustment: perfect for use with face masks
  • Self-adjusting textile crown straps for fast height adjustment and comfortable fit


Certified by the CE notified bodies UTAC (0069) and INSPEC (0197) to EN 397: 2012 and EN 50365 Electrical class 0 nominal voltage up to 1000 V A.C. and 1500 V D.C. (See Industrial Helmets datasheets for further details) Certified by INERIS to EN 13463-1: 2001 for safe use in ATEX areas (ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS testing)


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