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The ABC’s of Fall Protection in the Workplace

Personal protective equipment is used by workers across many industries.  

When it comes to working at heights, keeping workers safe is all about making sure that there are effective fall prevention measures in place.  

Every effective fall protection system consists of three important parts, and there are several distinct categories fall protection falls into.  

This article looks at these, and introduces the easy-to-remember ABC’s of fall protection in the workplace: 

6 categories of fall protection

1. Fall arrest 

This fall protection system arrests a worker should they fall, preventing an impact at a lower level. 

2. Restraint 

Here workers are restrained through a fall protection system that doesn’t allow them to reach fall hazards. 

3. Positioning 

This system allows a worker to sit back in their harness, in a position at height, while working with their hands. 

4. Access system 

Provides a worker safe access to a location by arresting a fall should it occur and providing a means for rescue. 

5. Suspension access 

This fall protection system allows you to lower and support a worker, providing for a hands-free work environment.  

6. Rescue 

Also known as a rescue plan, this system covers the post fall scenario of retrieving a worker who has fallen. 

Fall protection is all about ABC

A is for Anchorage

Anchor points are essential components to any fall protection system. These need to be strong enough to withstand the weight of a worker, and in a position that doesn’t get in the way and endanger other workers should a fall occur. 

B is for Body Harness

On the other end of a fall protection system is the body harness. Worn by the worker, a body harness should be in good condition when used and worn the way in which the manufacturer intended. MSA’s Gravity Suspension harness provides unequalled comfort, with features designed to reduce worker fatigue and improve comfort when working at height. It also features one-hand adjustment on all adjusters, and appealing modern styling.

C is for Connecting Device  Something must connect the worker and their body harness safely to the anchor point. This is where a connecting device comes in, usually in the form of a lanyard assembly (energy-absorbing lanyard) or self-retracting lanyard. MSA’s range of shock absorbing-lanyards include leading edge approval, and the energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below 6 kN. Lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope configurations, with a variety of connectors.
Industry-leading fall protection equipment in South Africa

PSA believes that all workers deserve to have the best fall protection safety equipment.  

We are the leading distributors of MSA safety equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa, and our fall protection equipment is used and trusted by industrial leaders throughout the world.  

When last have you assessed your worker safety equipment? Give your workers the best chance of survival should a fall occur. Choose the trusted MSA range of fall protection equipment safety gear and equipment. 

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