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Hydrogen Sulfide single gas detector an essential workplace instrument

Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S) is a highly toxic and flammable gas that is considered to be a broad spectrum poison, adversely affecting many different systems in the human body.  It is a hazard found in a number of industries and early detection is essential to maintain safe working conditions in these industries.

“The gas occurs in working environments such as petroleum and natural gas drilling and refining; waste water treatment; coke ovens; tanneries; paper mills; and the bacterial breakdown of organic matter.   Early detection is important if we’re to avoid poisoning employees,” said PSA’s Hank Lombard.

Altair gas detection instruments don’t let you down like noses do

PSA supplies Altair single gas detection instruments that are designed to measure levels of toxic gases such as H₂S.   “These instruments are critical in these work environments because once the foul ‘rotten egg’ smell of H₂S at lower air concentrations has passed into higher concentrations, we experience olfactory fatigue and no longer pick up the smell.  The instruments don’t fail us like our noses do, and will let us know that we’re in danger.”

The initial symptoms of H₂S exposure are irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, but these worsen with further exposure to serious reactions such as severe respiratory problems, convulsions, coma and even death.

Low levels of exposure to H2S can occasionally be tolerated for short durations, but there are threshold limits at which the body can no longer cope.  Altair Gas Detectors are set to sound their alarm at levels from 10 ppm as per the Occupational Health and Safety act.

The Altair & Altair Pro Gas Detectors are highly portable, robust and can be counted on to provide a reliable and accurate response in the presence of H₂S.   They are small and lightweight for users to carry with them, and conveniently have various clip attachments and a large, easy to read LCD screen. The units log gas readings and/or events and raise the alarm when H₂S is detected through bright flashing LED’s; a piercing audible alarm; LCD notification and an internal vibrating alarm.