3S Positive Pressure Facemasks

Our 3S Positive Pressure Full-Face Mask is highly popular and available in more than 50 variations. All versions are designed to fit comfortably, with a wide sealing frame and deep chin stop. The lens provides excellent viewing and is either impact-resistant polycarbonate; silicate-coated glass or Triplex glass. The inner mask is fog-free and supplies optimal air flow. The harness is designed for pressure-free easy use and works seamlessly with a protective helmet.

Approvals and standards

EN 136, Class 3


Civil Disturbances
Search & Rescue

Features and benefits

Over 50 versions for your convenience
Available in standard and small sizes
Several versions of harnesses: rubber, silicone, Nomex EZ-don, adapters for mask-helmet-combinations
Lens variants coated in polycarbonate & Triplex glass, also for high mechanical and chemical resistance
Broad range of accessories
Also available as mask-helmet-combination


Fire Services
Oil & Gas


Cleaning Guide

Service and Test Intervals