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Auer Ultra Elite Full Face Gas Mask

The Auer Ultra Elite Full Face Gas Mask is ergonomically designed for user comfort and provides high-quality respiratory protection in normal and positive pressure modes in applications such as fire services and civil protection.

The distortion-free coated lens provides a wide field of vision, while the unique airflow prevents the lens from misting up.

Respiratory face masks protect against hazardous toxins in any application and is an important piece of personal protective equipment.

There are 40 different versions of this gas mask available, including standard rubber face blanks; silicon versions that are ozone and UV resistant; designs that fit seamlessly with helmets; and models with lung-governed demand valves.

The MSA Auer Ultra Elite full-face respirator gas mask is designed for comfort and safety.

All models offer high user comfort with a face blank that has a comfortable single-sealing flange and is available in standard or small face sizes and a chin cup that accommodates all facial contours. The 5-point harness is easy to fit without prior adjustment and an optional neck strap facilitates carrying the mask in readiness on the chest.

The gas mask provides excellent speech transmission and low inhalation and exhalation resistance. The lenses provide a large, distortion-free field of vision with a unique airflow design that prevents misting.

Auer Ultra Elite Full Face Gas Mask

Features and benefits

Over 40 designs to choose from, depending on the application
– Excellent tight fit
– High wearing comfort
– Large field of vision
– Good voice transmission
– Wide range of accessories


Fire Service
General Industrial
Oil & Gas


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