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Disposable Examination Gloves (18HP5014)

The disposable Examination Glove is best suited for the medical industry. Used in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical, the glove is nonsterile, powder free and made of Nitrile disposable. Single use cleanups to prevent contamination from body fluids such as blood, mucous and excretions. The glove is also finger textured with a rolled cuff.

Disposable Examination Gloves (18HP5014)

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  • Nitrile disposable
  • Examination glove
  • 23cm with rolled cuff, 0.13mm thick
  • Ambidextrous, finger textured
  • Nonsterile, powder free


  • 100 gloves per box
  • Single use cleanups to prevent contamination from body fluids, blood, mucous, excretions, secretions, and membranes