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Red Heat Superior Glove – Elbow Length (18HP6208i)

The red heat superior glove is best suited for heat application such as welding work, construction, work with moulten metal and engineering. The glove is elbow length and made of tanned chrome leather. Red heat is black brushed with an air vented liner and RNF Fingers (Double leather). The gloves have a heat application of 150°C and can be used for hot and cold use.

Red Heat Superior Glove – Elbow Length (18HP6208i)

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  • Tanned chrome leather (1.1-1.5mm)
  • Keuler thread (sewn)
  • Black brushed – air vented liner
  • RNF fingers (double leather)
  • Apron palm


  • Welding
  • Heat application (150°C)
  • Foundry use
  • Hot or cold use