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Hygiene Concerns when using a Lifeloc Breathalyser

The Lifeloc Breathalysers have been designed to minimize blowback and risks of passing dangerous microbes from one user to the next through inhalation, reducing the possibility of users contracting a virus or infectious diseases such as TB.

How the design minimises risk:

  1. Users of the Lifeloc Beathalyser blow over a wide, flat surface (non-conical) allowing the breath to easily dissipate off the sides of the instrument greatly reducing blowback unlike other conical shaped devices.
  2. The Lifeloc Breathalyser has a protective boot which is made from silicone which is not porous, making it far more hygienic than plastic or rubber protective covers.

How to safely use the Breathalyser:

  1. Wipe the unit off with a non-abrasive, alcohol free disinfectant wipe between tests.
  2. The operator of the FC series unit should follow the following recommendations.
    • Good hand hygiene by washing or sanitizing their hands on a regular basis
    • As an additional precaution the operator could wear a respirator, eye protection as well as gloves.