The Lifeloc Breathalysers have been designed to minimize blowback and risks of passing dangerous microbes from one user to the next through inhalation, reducing the possibility of users contracting a virus or infectious diseases such as TB.

How the design minimises risk:

  1. Users of the Lifeloc Beathalyser blow over a wide, flat surface (non-conical) allowing the breath to easily dissipate off the sides of the instrument greatly reducing blowback unlike other conical shaped devices.
  2. The Lifeloc Breathalyser has a protective boot which is made from silicone which is not porous, making it far more hygienic than plastic or rubber protective covers.

How to safely use the Breathalyser:

  1. Wipe the unit off with a non-abrasive, alcohol free disinfectant wipe between tests.
  2. The operator of the FC series unit should follow the following recommendations.
    • Good hand hygiene by washing or sanitizing their hands on a regular basis
    • As an additional precaution the operator could wear a respirator, eye protection as well as gloves.