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Reduce Entry Level Bottlenecks with an Automated Breathalyser

It goes without saying that whilst operating in high-risk industries, safety should be given the utmost priority, which is why sourcing quality safety equipment over subpar gear is non-negotiable. Industries such as oil and gas refineries, construction sites, maritime, mining and general industry also comes with ensuring that employees arriving to work are properly screened for alcohol before they’re allowed on-site. But along with alcohol screening comes the issue of bottlenecks and getting people to their workstations on time.

Our fixed Sentinel automated entry breathalyser assists in combatting this issue because it easily integrates into most access control systems including turnstiles and security-controlled access points. These features assist in the reduction of fraudulent testing and alleviates entry-point bottlenecks, as it resets almost instantly when there’s a negative result.

The Lifeloc Sentinel is ideal for zero tolerance working environments that encounter high foot traffic due to it being operator free, having the ability to test in high-volumes and it’s accuracy. The results and device recovery is immediate, with either a positive or negative reading, denying or allowing access onto site.

During times like these, where COVID is a large health concern in the working environment, you can be rest assured that the Sentinel is the safest testing option. The device recognises the subjects breath flow and takes the sample without the need for straws, mouth pieces or buttons. And because it’s operator-free there is no human contact during testing.

The Lifeloc Sentinel breathalyser boasts the following features & benefits, making it ideal for industry testing.


Automatic passive testing
Breat​​​​​- Universal, easily understandable promptsh pressure control​​​
Full colour LCD touch screen​​


Automated testing once breath detected
Universal, easily understandable prompts
Unsurpassed passive testing
Rapid multiple subject testing
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