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Airline Box Compressed Airline Filters

The SCBA is an efficient compressed airline filter that is lightweight and ergonomically designed and EN approved. It is suitable for long-duration work and special applications. The high efficiency filter is designed to remove dirt, oil and water aerosols down to 0.01 micron and the activated charcoal filter removes oil vapor and odors. The compact case is robust and weather-resistant and the hoses are anti-kink, anti-static and heat resistant.

Airline filter system components

Each compressed airline filter unit consists of the following components:

Filtering unit
Belt connector
An airline hose, available in 5m; 10m; 20m and 50m lengths
Airline couplings(4 per box)
Demand valve
Full face mask

Features and benefits

Suitable for long-duration work and special applications
The compact case is of robust weather-resistant material
Unit contains two filters:
a high efficiency filter designed to remove dirt, oil and water aerosols down to 0.01 micron ( changed annually or once indicator shows red)
an activated charcoal filter to remove oil vapor and odors (maximum 600 hours when used at a filtration temperature of 20 degrees; replace when user detects oil vapor or odors or regular planned maintenance)
Hoses are non-sparking and non-kinking


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