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ALTAIR® 4X Mining Multigas Detector

The MSA Altair 4X Mining multi-gas detector has been specially designed to withstand harsh mining conditions. It is equipped with MSA XCell Sensors and therefore boasts the most advanced technology in today’s market. Harmful gases such as Methane and Carbon Monoxide are rapidy recognised by this portable detection instrument, and the response time of less than 15 seconds delivers faster readings and warnings.

Features such as motion alert sensors that signal a ‘man-down’ alarm, as well as a patented support system that allows the detector to survive a 6-metre drop, make the Altair 4X Mining multi-gas detector indispensable in underground mining environments.

ALTAIR® 4X Mining Multigas Detector

Approvals and standards

SABS 151.


Underground Mining

Features and benefits

Dual detector beads in the methane sensor demand fewer sensor replacements over the intrument’s 4-year lifespan.
Extreme resistance to water damage allows the Altair 4X multi-gas detector to be submerged up to 1 metre.
Reduced cross-channel interference ensures exceptional accuracy.
A robust filter protects sensors from poisons and inhibitors.
An end-of-sensor-life warning provides 4-6 weeks to plan for replacement, thus limiting instrument downtime.


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