FC5 Sentinel Entry Breathalyser

Fixed professional grade breathalyser The FC5 Sentinel is a fixed, wall-mounted entrance breathalyser that facilitates operator-free breath alcohol testing in high volume, safety sensitive work environments. This automated entry breathalyser can easily be integrated into most access control systems including turnstiles and security controlled access points. Ideal for locations such as oil and gas refineries, construction sites, maritime, mining and general industry, the FC5 Sentinel entry breath breathalyser needs no human intervention, reduces fraudulent testing and alleviates entry-point bottlenecks, as it resets almost instantly when there’s a negative result.

Entrance breathalyser for workplace substance abuse
Lifeloc has a proven, 25 year track record in accurate, fast and repeatable breath alcohol testing. The FC5 Sentinel breathalyser is ideal for zero tolerance environments and doesn’t require a mouthpiece. Readings are easy to understand, with a full colour LCD screen and clear icons. Logos, test sequences and messaging can be fully customized.

An entrance breathalyser with easy servicing and maintenance
On-site calibration is performed annually irrespective of the number of tests conducted. No need to open the housing, simply hold the adapter over breath port and follow prompts on the touch screen.

Automatic remote software updates done using a USB.
Side hinge design allows the unit to be opened without removing it from the wall.

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Approvals and standards

U.S DOT (NHTSA) Conforming Product


Health and Safety
Human Resources

Features and benefits

Rugged brushed anodised aluminium housing Provides protection from dust, vibration, condensation and tampering so ideal for rough conditions, eg. mines

Power cables protected through a conduit Limits exposure to tampering, condensation or dislodgment through vibration. Unique to FC5 Sentinel.
Gaskets on housing, breath port and LCD

Provides additional protection from harmful dust and add another layer of weather proofing.

FC5 Hornet breathalyser fitted inside the Sentinel casing

Ensures no condensation or saliva build up as breath does not come into contact with the boards or internal hardware

No exposed power button

Reduced risk of tampering

Full Sized Platinum Fuel Cell Alcohol specific provides exceptional life and accuracy to your unit

Double Pump Sampling System Unsurpassed passive testing. Perfect for open containers. Rapid multiple subject testing

Rapid and Repeatable Test Taking

Immediate response on negative, Immediate recovery on negative.

Temperature range

0 – 55°C

Breath pressure sensor

Test will automatically activate when the subject begins blowing. Additional security against an uncooperative subject.

Large Backlit LCD Screen

Excellent for day or night visibility.


± ,005 BAC to ,100 BAC; ± 5% between ,100 to ,400 BAC

Recovery time

≤ 5 secs at zero alcohol levels, normally ≤ 30 secs

Analytical response time

≤ 5 secs at zero alcohol levels, normally ≤ 10 secs


Oil and gas refineries, construction sites, maritime, mining and general industry

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