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SuretyMan Rescue Kit

The MSA SuretyMan Rescue Utility System is a 4:1 rescue pulley system with a built-in anti-reversing lock and is primarily used for raising and lowering people or equipment in rescue and industrial work access. It is ideal for confined space applications and allows for self or remote operation.

A pulley system with first class features

A Suretyman ascender is attached to the operating rope and the user via a securing rope that automatically stops descent if the operating rope accidentally releases. Only 4.5kg of force is required to hold a 90kg load.

This system offers rapid deployment, is virtually maintenance-free and rated for a two-person load. It’s compact and lightweight with a standard system weight of 7.7kg; has a rated capacity of 272kg for personnel and materials; and a standard rope length of 66m with a maximum rope length of 200m.

Approvals and standards

Meets all applicable sections of OSHA and ANSI Z359.4


Confined Space
Asbestos Abatement
Sanding & Grinding

Features and benefits

A 4:1 rescue pulley system with anti-reversing pulleys for rescue in confined space or from heights
Rated for a two-person load up to 272 kgs
System pulleys equipped with built-in anti-reversing lock
4.5 kg. of force required to hold 90 kg load
Suretyman ascender attached to both operating rope and user via a securing rope that will automatically stop descent if operating rope accidentally releases
Compact and lightweight with standard system weight of 7.7 kg
Has a standard rope length of 66 m with maximum rope length of 200 m


Water treatment
General industrial
Oil & gas


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The Hero Hard Hat is locally made by
PSA Africa from 100% Virgin Plastic
and is DRME Certified. 

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