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Protecting your Workforce in Confined Spaces – Part One

The dangers associated with working in a confined space make it non-negotiable that workers are equipped with protective safety gear – such as gas detectorsfall protection equipmentrespiratory protection and head, eye & face protection– to ensure ultimate safety when working.


A confined space is an enclosed area under atmospheric pressure, not intended for entry because of the existence of potentially excessive contamination levels and limited oxygen levels. The space also has a limited means of escape and entry. Spaces like this are common in mine shafts, cargo tanks and boilers.


For safe work and in order to identify the danger before each entry, it is necessary to conduct an atmosphere analysis, as well as to continuously monitor the inside atmosphere. Trusted brand MSA offers a wide portfolio of rugged portable and fixed gas detectors, dedicated test stations and accessories that are specially designed for sampling and monitoring.


For confined space entries without support points, MSA offers a unique tripod system for personnel and cargo lowering into and rising from a confined space, which is controlled by the MSA Workman Winch.  It provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bidirectional retrieval capability.


For confined spaces with a constantly high potential for hazardous emissions, MSA offers combination supplied airline respirators operated by an airline trolley system. If there is a risk of unexpected hazardous events, an escape device or an oxygen self-rescuer is the appropriate choice to help workers escape from the confined space in the case of oxygen-deficient or toxic atmosphere. Confined space operations may require more time, and a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is required to be used during the entire process. This is typically required for technical maintenance and rescue teams. Operational efficiency and proven extended performance are important for the SCBA to protect the user, irrespective of operating conditions. MSA’s modular SCBA – which comes with a full-face mask and optional communication set – is the ideal solution.


Regardless of what kind of work is carried out inside a confined space, it is necessary to use preventive personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets, ear-defenders, full face visors and goggles. With a history of working in the field of safety spanning more than 100 years, MSA offers a wide range of reliable and comfortable PPE for preventive protection.

Working in confined spaces means facing life-threatening hazards that could potentially involve bodily injury, disease and even death.  There should be no compromise when it comes to the safety of your workforce; choosing the right safety equipment designed for confined spaces is imperative.

Interested in protecting your workforce for work in confined space areas with specialised safety equipment? For more information visit or call 0860 543 356.