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PSA Africa Take Safety Seriously At The Sezela Sugar Mill Safety Day

As part of their SHERQ (safety, health, environment, risk, quality) strategy, which aims to create a culture wherein Illovo employees believe that all occupational injuries are foreseeable and preventable, Illovo recently organised a safety day for their staff at theirSezela Sugar Mill site, based in KwaZulu-Natal.

Among the various suppliers who came on site to showcase safety equipment and educate staff members on how different safety products work, PSA Africa were at the Mill, doing what they do best teaching people how to work safely.

Products within PSA’s substance abuse, respiratory protection and fall protection ranges, were displayed (such as Lifeloc FC5 Hornet Breathalyser, the Auer 3S Basic Plus Face Mask, Workman® Tripods and the V-FORM Full Body Harness) to Illovo’s 600 permanent staff and over 200 contractors.

With such a large workforce to protect from occupational hazards, Illovo take every measure to ensure their teams are fully trained within the relevant fields. They use the right equipment and keep up to date with current safety gear advancements.  

Knowing this, PSA came prepared and bought along the latest and most popular safety equipment in the industry, as well as their most knowledgeable members. Keegan Pieterse, PSA sales executive for Safety, and Khehla Shangase, PSA sales executive for Lifeloc PSA, were in charge of presenting to the Sezela Sugar Mill staff and answering safety-related questions.

Equipped with years of experience in providing after sales services like maintenance and calibration, in-house servicing of Lifeloc and MSA products and on or off-site training, Keegan and Khehla were in their element interacting with curious staff and providing expert safety insights.

Overall, it was an educational day for both Illovo staff and PSA members, who learnt about the unique safety challenges that the Sezela sugar mill encounters on a daily basis, and discovered which safety equipment worked best for the employees. Sweetening the entire experience, Keegan and Khehla were glad to receive positive feedback and hear that the staff were extremely satisfied with their Lifeloc and MSA safety equipment, which they believed made their work and the environment a lot safer.