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PSA Launch The New All-In-One Portable XCAT Detection System

PSA are proud to announce that they have recently launched their new XCAT detection system. This portable device boasts impressive optical detection technology, and is unique in the versatility that it displays.

Most detection systems are limited to the range of substances that they can pick up, whereas the XCAT is able to identify a wide range of substances such as explosives, narcotics and gunshot residue. Because of this, and the fact that it has been designed to screen an area or person quickly and effectively, it is ideally suited for use in law enforcement, crime scenes, ports and airports.

One of the advantages of using the XCAT, over traditional detection systems, is that it is a safe alternative to hazardous colorimetric tests – this detection device does not expose operators to chemicals or broken glass. The XCAT detection system is also easy to operate, and a simple red or green light alerts the user of the results, making colour chart interpretation unnecessary.

The reason the XCAT is able to identify narcotics and explosive residues so rapidly, lies in the way that it is designed. Detection cards with specially formulated optical detection inks are inserted into this detection device, and advanced software is used to detect characteristics that are unique to each individual or group of chemically related analytes.

PSA are delighted to now have this unique detection device which requires no calibration or maintenance whatsoever added to their wide range of products,

Are you interested in finding out more about our XCAT detection system? Have a look at the product page to see all the features and benefits.