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SUPREMATouch Controller

Fire and Gas Detection System for diverse range of industries and applications. The SUPREMATouch has been enhanced with several new features which makes it outstanding in its class. Added to the popular large colour touchscreen display, a new title-based menu structure has been added to optimize intuitive operation. The SUPREMATouch can be used with a wide range of detectors for combustible gas, toxic gas and oxygen. Output options include relays and 4-20mA outputs. Remote racks can be connected (satellite structure), which expands control systems and reduces cabling costs. Interfacing to external systems is provided by using Modbus or Profibus. The SUPREMATouch has been certified according to ATEX and is suitable for virtually any safety related application including redundant systems with up to a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 rating (EN 61508). The intuitive SUPREMA Manager Software is intended for configuration, parameterization and calibration of the SUPREMATouch Fire and Gas Controller. It offers the option to create detailed and clearly laid out reports to support documentation and supports all the new features of the SUPREMATouch.

Note: This is a custom product. Please consult your local MSA distributor or contact MSA Customer Service for configuration details.

SUPREMATouch Controller

Approvals and standards

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

  • ATEX (EN 50104, EN 50271, EN 60079-29-1)
  • CSA / CSA us
  • SIL 3 (EN 50402, EN 61508)
  • GB16808-2008 Combustible Gas Alarm Control Units (China)

USA Approvals

  • CSAus – 120619_CSA_2454406_254406
  • Canadian Approvals
  • CSA – 120619_CSA_2454406_254406

European Union

  • CE Declaration of Conformity – Suprema_DC0747000_01
  • TUV – 968_EZ_163_24_16_en_el
  • ATEX


  • China (CMC) – 120327_CMC_5000199-1
  • China (CCCF) – 111221_CCCF_073114858011ROM
  • Russia (Gost R) – 111228_GOST_05.B03806



  • Catalog Permanent Gas Detection

Flyer: Pre Configured SUPREMATouch Gas Controller


  • Operating Manual
  • Operating Manual: SUPREMA Manager
  • Operating Manual: SUPREMA Calibration

Features and benefits

  • Compact modular design requires less space in cabinets
  • Digital CAN-bus technology provides reliable internal communication
  • Intuitive system configuration directly on the local language touch screen with no programming skills required
  • Continuous expandability lets the system grow with the needs, thus ensuring protection of investment

New enhanced features:

  • One new analogue input module MAI30 for all connectable detector types
  • Extension of switching logic
  • New hardware

Additional calibration options:

  • Remote calibration with HART option (no additional tools necessary)
  • One man calibration (gas values are transferred automatically)
  • Group calibration (optional amount of measuring points per group can be calibrated in parallel)
  • Micro SD card support
  • Time synchronization via Ethernet


  • General Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities